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Hi, I am Jackie and I help you find your purpose. I believe we are all here with a message to give and a light to shine. Discovering your Life and Soul’s purpose will enable you to live beautifully and realise your full potential!

Have you lost a sense of yourself? Wondering about your true role in life? Are you in a stage of life where a transition feels overwhelming? If you feel like you lack direction, sometimes it can seem impossible to get back on track ~ but, I believe that sometimes the smallest of things can make the biggest differences. That’s where I can help.

Just get in touch and I can help you find your way through mentoring and well-being coaching.

Jackie Webster Profile Image

I live in the beautiful North Devon countryside with my husband Paul and our slightly bonkers rescue dog, Woody. I feel blessed being surrounded by glorious woodland and nature as well as the rugged coastline and stunning beaches.

As a Mum to three amazing daughters, I’ve been seeking my Soul’s purpose through several professional roles in life all of which have led me to this point where I can help you find your Soul’s purpose.

I qualified as a Wellbeing Coach in 2014. This, together with my faith as a Christian Spiritualist, has evolved naturally into more Spiritual evolvement well-being coaching and mentoring.

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