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What does ‘purpose’ mean?

There are various meanings for the word ‘purpose’: it can be the reason why something has been created or its intention; it can also be someone’s sense of resolve or determination; or, it can be an intention or an objective that motivates our actions.

Finding your ‘purpose’ in life is not just a cliché. Living your life with it can give you a greater sense of control, contentment and happiness. So it is a very important thing to have and in this blog I will look at our purpose, its importance, and give you some tips on how to find yours.

Your Purpose…

Do you ever sit and wonder what your purpose in life is? The answer to this question will be different for everyone. You might feel that yours is to make the world a better place, to find and achieve personal fulfillment or simply to enjoy your life as much as possible. Whatever you feel yours is, it is important to know what it is and where you are heading. Yes, you need some sort of roadmap!

Many different things give life meaning, and again these will be different for everyone. Some people might feel their relationships with family and friends give them the greatest sense of meaning and purpose, while for others it may be their work, hobbies, spirituality or religious beliefs. As you can see from these examples, everyone has different values and beliefs that give their life meaning – and what gives one person a sense of purpose might not be the same for another.

To be your best self, to live your best life, it is helpful to know what gives your life meaning and to recognise what matters most to you. So what are your values and beliefs (Check out my previous blog The ‘value’ of values for help with this)? What do you enjoy doing? What makes you feel happy and fulfilled? And finally, what are your aims in life and where are you heading (yes it’s that roadmap again)? When you have answers to these questions, when you know your purpose, it will feel good to see that your skills can help you and others in a meaningful way.

Finding your ‘purpose’

Finding your life purpose is not an easy task. With so many problems in the world, so many people to help, inspire, or support … where do even begin to identify your life’s purpose if you’re a little bit lost?

There are many different ways to help find your ‘purpose’ in life … but it is key to living a meaningful and fulfilling life so is worth spending some time on. The image below shows some things you can do on your journey to finding your life’s purpose. Having an open mind will be helpful as exploration and challenge are key to finding meaning to your life.

Proverbs 29:18 states: ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.’ But what does this mean and how does it relate to your life’s purpose? It could be interpreted as meaning that without a plan, path or vision we may wander aimlessly without purpose, but if we follow the word of God we will be happy and fulfilled.

Finding your life’s purpose will likely be a long journey and you may need to pause and reflect at different stages on this journey to re-evaluate your goals. You may find that what gives meaning to your life changes over time as you grow and develop and as your circumstances change. But your life’s purpose is all about recognising what you love to do and using your passion and skills to achieve goals and solve problems.

Don’t be Overwhelmed…

I realise that this may all be rather overwhelming, but please don’t panic as I can help. We can work together to build on your strengths, explore your weaknesses, choose your values, examine your goals and build your motivation … all with the aim of guiding you to find your purpose. It might sound like a long, scary journey and yes there may be bumps in the road, but it will be truly fulfilling!

So if you find yourself asking ‘What is my purpose?’ or ‘Where am I heading?’ please get in touch and I can help you find your way through mentoring and well-being coaching enabling you to find your life’s purpose and lead your best life.

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