Soul Purpose Mentoring

I work with clients on a 1-2-1 basis, either face-to-face or over zoom.

Let me help you find your sense of peace, love, faith, purpose and appreciation of your life.

Soul Purpose plaque sitting beside vase of open yellow daffodils
  • Have you lost the true you?
  • Do you feel spiritually bankrupt?
  • Are you longing to make a difference in the world but unsure how?

Imagine if you could wake up every morning with passion and excitement.

Imagine if you could have your spiritual goals and dreams in place, with an action plan on how to achieve them. You could start to live with eternity in mind rather than just struggling through your days.

If you would love to connect more with the true you and achieve that spiritual fulfilment you are seeking but don’t know where to start, get in touch and together we can help you find your way.

Contact me about Soul Purpose Mentoring

I believe everyone comes to earth with a message to give and a light to shine.

Let me help you find yours!

1-hour Soul Purpose Mentoring Session – £60

Clients with Access to Work Funding are welcome.

See what my clients say…

“Jackie is a professional whose integrity, wisdom and care are exceptional. I worked with Jackie when my health and life were in a state of deep sadness and she was a constant source of calm and common sense. Her ability to support you whilst you are discerning your soul’s purpose is incredible. I enjoyed every season with her even though I was often very unwell. That’s is a testament to her abilities. I now feel very blessed to have her in my life and she is my go-to advisor!”

Dr R.W.D. Sunderland.