Well-being Coach

Has your ‘get up and go’ got up and gone?

Are you in a state of transition with the menopause, empty nesting or your health is suffering because you’ve spent decades of putting everyone else first? 

Soul Purpose plaque sitting beside vase of open yellow daffodils

It might be that you have some serious choices to make and you want them to be aligned with the true you ~ it’s just that you’ve lost her somehow.
Wouldn’t it be lovely to release all that baggage and just thrive ~ to feel motivated each morning, hopeful about your future and in control of your life?

With a decade of experience as a well-being coach, my purpose is to help my clients find their purpose and love their lives. 

Together we will assess your current state, identify your needs and find a manageable path to your goals. Most importantly, we will work at your unique pace with online sessions to make the most of your time and energy.

Just imagine how lovely your life could be with the essential elements in place to allow you to reignite your inner glow. Let me help you get your bounce back…..be more like Tigger!

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Well-being Coaching?

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1-hour Well-being Coaching Session – £60?

Clients with Access to Work Funding are welcome.

Soul Purpose Mentoring

“Jackie is a warm, positive and supportive person. You feel that she really listens to you in an empathetic and non-judgemental way and she offers sound and uplifting advice from a Christian perspective, very helpful if you are looking at developing your own spiritual values and identity.” 

C.H. Alton