What is soul-searching?

Apr 20, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

Soul-searching is defined as deep and careful thought about your feelings or inner thoughts, especially concerning a moral problem or decision. So, it’s a process you might follow if you’re a little off-track, stuck in a rut, uninspired or you’ve lost the spring in your step. It is a journey to try and find your purpose and motivations, and what you may need to change in your life so that you can live according to your true self.

But you don’t need to be in a state of unbalance to go soul-searching; it can also be a valuable tool to keep your spirit healthy.

It is important to note though that soul-searching is personal to you and your journey will be different from anyone else’s. Your answers will be different and personal to YOU.

What is the soul?

Well, your soul is the deepest part of YOU, the part that connects you to your spirit, the universe and spirituality. Your soul is the immaterial essence and totality of who you are at a human level – it is your authentic self. Your soul is what gives you intuition.


What is the purpose of soul-searching?

Well, I’m asked this question a lot. My answer would be that soul-searching is when you need an answer to a difficult question, when you are at a crossroads and need to know which path to follow, when you need help with a tricky decision, or when you need to question who YOU are, what your purpose is and how you can lead a more meaningful life. So you could embark on a this journey because you have lost something or to find something you have never had: whether that is to do with purpose, identity, passion, values, place or anything else that is missing from your current life.

By searching your soul for answers, you will become your more authentic self and be able to live in alignment with what you truly want and believe.


But why soul-search?

Good question! It’s simple really… soul-searching will give you answers, it will provide you with direction and it will help you to understand yourself and your purpose in life. So you go soul-searching because you want to move forward as you have recognised that your current status needs to change.

Now we all know that life has its ups and downs and that sometimes we may feel something is missing and our lives are not as balanced as we would like. This is the time to do some soul-searching and, as you can imagine, you may find that you do some soul-searching at different times in your life. But the important thing is that if something isn’t right, you should want to diagnose the issue right at its source, ask all the questions and solve it. 


The value of soul-searching…

It is probably true to say that most people aren’t honest with themselves because the truth is painful. We prefer to avoid a difficult issue and leave things as they are rather than delve into asking what we can do to make things better, to be better ourselves, to change our path in life or whatever may need to be done.

The result of soul-searching is that you find your path, that you realise the answer to some dilemma, and that you hear the voice within you that will guide you back to the life you want. Now that is real value, isn’t it?


Spiritual soul-searching

So far we have just considered soul-searching as a path to finding answers and happiness by looking at our thoughts, habits and motivations. However, soul-searching is also a spiritual journey to find your soul, reconnect with your true self and awaken your spirit.

When we are anxious, depressed, lonely, isolated or dissatisfied with life we are disconnected with our souls… we have lost our souls. Anything that threatens our physical, mental, or emotional survival can cause this soul loss. This soul loss will make us feel that something is wrong, that something is missing. Soul-searching is a great journey and can be a spiritual quest. 


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